Insolvency consulting

The attorneys at ameleo have proven expertise in promoting their clients‘ interests in insolvency proceedings. They provide advice for natural persons, but also and especially businesses and the executive bodies (management/executive boards) of smaller and medium-sized companies, as well as corporate groups undergoing a financial crisis and involved in filing application for insolvency.

ameleo Dusseldorf also assists in asserting insolvency-related claims (contesting insolvency, executive liability, claims related to capital deposits and limited partnership contributions, equity-replacing shareholder contributions, etc.) for insolvency administrators, their assistants and legal departments, so that payment and restitution claims for the insolvency estate can also be asserted in a court of law. The attorneys at ameleo law have been active in legal procedures in this field since 2001, especially before regional courts and higher regional courts, and have comprehensive procedural experience in these and related areas.

ameleo Dusseldorf attorneys finally also have experience in the area of (insolvency-related) mergers and takeovers and sales transactions, undertaking on behalf of their clients the contractual arrangement and realisation of their interests.

The processing of issues in insolvency law is carried out, depending on the case, in a transnational context where necessary, incorporating the skills of experienced specialists from other departments of the ameleo group (lawyers, auditors, tax consultants).

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