Copy right

ameleo Dusseldorf offers you legal expertise in different areas of copyright and media right. Our punditry reaches the judicial of contructives and companies issues as well as the questions, which are important for customers. In reference to that the lawyers Phillipp Korte and Otto Freiherr Grote publish input on the judicial Blog “The green right” regulary.

Our effort in this case:

  • judicial guidance of creators, creatives and (mediens?) as well as their contract partners
    (e. g. publishers and companies) at the creation of the contract of national or international license contracts
  • expertise in reference to certain questions of the creator
  • extrajudicial and judicial enforcement of rights of your literary property (e. g. at illegal utilization of your creations by a third party)
  • checking of advertisement and web site on copy right risks
  • lecture about all questions of the creators and related judicial areas
  • plea against copy right warnings (e. g. breaching of image law, Filesharing)
  • penal law of creators: production and guidance at copy right suits on the side opf the defendant as well as of the victims

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